The United States of Inc., 2.0

United States of Inc., Revised

A while back, I posted the first version of this map. It was a fun project, and I learned a lot about how geographically diverse our major brands really are. Eventually, I noticed a little traffic from Google. An image search for “United States” put this map in the first page of results. Then, Reddit¬†found it. The crowd there can be unforgiving, but my map was actually pretty well-received. That said, they did point out a few errors. Okay, a lot of errors. So, months later, I decided to finally fix them. Sorry it took so long.

Click here for the huge version.

Errors fixed

  • I mixed up Mississippi and Alabama. Embarrassing.
  • Texas: Shell isn’t an American company. Whole Foods is, though.
  • MTV isn’t headquartered in California. It’s in New York.
  • General Electric isn’t a New York company, it’s a Connecticut company. Removed.
  • Marriott is headquartered in Maryland, not Virginia.¬†ThinkGeek added.
  • Macy’s isn’t headquartered in New York. Removed.

Suggestions taken

  • Forget CenturyLink. Louisiana is Tabasco territory.
  • Colorado is home to Chipotle, so Noodles & Co. is out.
  • Maryland has two very iconic companies: Black & Decker and Lockheed Martin. They win.
  • Many Hoosiers objected to the absence of Steak N’ Shake and Eli Lilly in Indiana, so it’s fixed.
  • Replaced Firestone with Goodyear in Ohio.
  • Twitter and Facebook added to California
  • eBay logo updated

Suggestions declined

  • Still no Alaska and Hawaii. This map maintains its contiguous bias.
  • NASCAR is apparently claimed by every southern state, especially North Carolina. It’s headquartered in Florida.

My favorite Reddit comment: “A yank made this.”


September 12, 2013