The United States of Inc., 2.0

  • September 12, 2013

United States of Inc., Revised

A while back, I posted the first version of this map. It was a fun project, and I learned a lot about how geographically diverse our major brands really are. Eventually, I noticed a little traffic from Google. An image search for "United States" put this map in the first page of results. Then, Reddit found it. The crowd there can be unforgiving, but my map was actually pretty well-received. That said, they did point out a few errors. Okay, a lot of errors. So, months later, I decided to finally fix them. Sorry it took so long.

Click here for the huge version.

Errors fixed

  • I mixed up Mississippi and Alabama. Embarrassing.
  • Texas: Shell isn't an American company. Whole Foods is, though.
  • MTV isn't headquartered in California. It's in New York.
  • General Electric isn't a New York company, it's a Connecticut company. Removed.
  • Marriott is headquartered in Maryland, not Virginia.¬†ThinkGeek added.
  • Macy's isn't headquartered in New York. Removed.

Suggestions taken

  • Forget CenturyLink. Louisiana is Tabasco territory.
  • Colorado is home to Chipotle, so Noodles & Co. is out.
  • Maryland has two very iconic companies: Black & Decker and Lockheed Martin. They win.
  • Many Hoosiers objected to the absence of Steak N' Shake and Eli Lilly in Indiana, so it's fixed.
  • Replaced Firestone with Goodyear in Ohio.
  • Twitter and Facebook added to California
  • eBay logo updated

Suggestions declined

  • Still no Alaska and Hawaii. This map maintains its contiguous bias.
  • NASCAR is apparently claimed by every southern state, especially North Carolina. It's headquartered in Florida.

My favorite Reddit comment: "A yank made this."


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